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Prevail hosts 12-week psycho-educational support groups for kids, teens and adults on the topics of domestic violence and sexual assault.  In a typical week, we host about 12 support groups.  During those groups, attendees learn about things like trauma, identifying feelings, coping skills, self esteem, self care, etc. in an age appropriate way based on whether it is a kid, teen, or adult group. 

Adopting a group might include

  • Providing supplies for self-care or coping activities for each member of the group during their 12-week cycle
  • Providing group supplies for craft activities
  • Sponsoring the group’s graduation…purchasing and/or setting up food for the group on their graduation night
  • Sponsoring Graduation Gifts 

Just as an example,

  • Coping skills supplies for kids might include:  Zen Doodles (like adult coloring pages), Colored Pencils, Crayons, Play Dough, Slinky, Gum (spearmint, fruity, mint), Stress Ball, helium quality balloons, peacock feathers (25-30 inches long), pinwheels, essential oils (peppermint, lavender, orange, lemon, lemon grass, eucalyptus) and/or Kinetic Sand. 
  • A craft activity with Masks 
  • Canvases to paint on (12.8 X 11)
  • A Calming Jar kit might include: Ball Jars, Glitter (large and small), glycerine
  • Self-Care supplies for adults might include:  Bubble bath/Bath beads, manicure/pedicure set, lotion, scented candle, blanket, cd/book, chocolate bar, fuzzy socks, $5 Starbucks card, bath bombs or salts, and/or facial masks
  • Another Self-Care Kit might include: Flowers, Mason jars, tea/decaf coffee and mugs, nice greeting cards, “Mindfulness” stones, balloons/rice to make stress balls, seeds for gardening
  • For a typical graduation, we often purchase $5 pizzas, enough to serve about 12 people, along with soda, fruit, salad, and dessert (or, this might be an opportunity for a home-made pitch in type meal?)
  • Graduation Gifts for teen Healthy Relationships group: Pillow cases and stuffing for 50 pillows for a year
  • Graduation Gifts for kid’s groups: 100 Fleece tie blankets for a year
  • Yoga Mats are used in kid’s groups

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