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Family Violence Program

Family Violence ProgramsIn conjunction with our Adult Domestic Violence services, Prevail offers supportive services for children (ages 6-12) and adolescents (ages 13-18) who have experienced family (domestic) violence. It is Prevail’s policy that the parents also be in supportive services for family violence.

Prevail offers services FREE OF CHARGE to victims and their families. Contact us today for more information. 

Court Support

Prevail provides court support for individuals whose experiences lead them through the criminal justice system. Some of the youth who experience sexual assault will attend meeting with the Prosecutor, testify in court, and attend different court hearings. These can be emotional experiences. Prevail Youth Advocates can help prepare youth and their families for the court process and the youth’s role in court. Prevail Advocates will also attend court with clients to provide emotional support. Prevail Advocates cannot speak on behalf of clients in court.

 Hospital Response

Advocates at Prevail can also respond to the hospital if a child has experienced physical or sexual abuse which includes injury. Sometimes this might mean that a child will have a pediatric Sexual Assault Nurse Exam. Advocates at Prevail, are trained to understand the steps of this exam and want to help youth and their family to understand the process. Additionally, advocates can provide emotional support, safety planning, and connections to community resources to help families and children experiencing this crisis.

Goal Development 

During a crisis, a number of different challenges can arise for youth and their families. When youth come to Prevail, they each get a chance to create goals for what they want to change in their life. Sometimes goals are physical needs - including needing housing or employment. Other goals are emotional, learning how to manage feelings about the abuse or improving communication between family members. Prevail’s Youth Advocates seek to support each child and teen in achieving their goals.

Safety Planning 

One goal of Prevail is to increase safety for each child and teen in services. This includes physical, emotional, and sexual safety. Creating a specific safety plan with each youth, looking at all the options available, is a priority at Prevail. After creating a safety plan, advocates will continue to converse with youth and their families to try to continue to increase safety. Safety plans can include identification of support people, how to call law enforcement, individual rights, protective order information, coping mechanisms to use to calm down in a stressful environment, and more.

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