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Child Advocacy Center

Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) were created to provide a comfortable, non-threatening environment for youth to be interviewed about concerns for different types of abuse. Before CACs were created, children or youth may have been interviewed at intimidating places (i.e. police stations), by multiple people or by non-trained interviewers. These circumstances sometimes led children to feel uncomfortable and reduced the likelihood of disclosure of abuse, even when abuse was happening.

Prevail Child Advocacy Center

Now, CACs provide a safe, comfortable environment. In Hamilton County, our Child Advocacy Center has trained forensic interviewers who specifically interview anyone under the age of 18. These interviews are attended by a multi-disciplinary response team which can include: Forensic Interviewer, Prosecutor, Detective, Department of Child Services Case Assessor, and an Advocate. This approach assists the team in collaborating for the best options for each family. Advocates are not connected to the civil or legal system.

The youth advocates at Prevail respond to provide support, discuss safety options and services available in the family’s community.

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