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2020 Reflections and 2021 Projections

We’ve all said it, “I can’t wait for 2020 to be over!”  Well, the older I get, the less I wish for time to go by quickly.  It already feels like it is flying by.  So, 2020 or not, I wouldn’t mind if time slowed down a bit.  Toward that end, I am taking some time at the end of this year to review some of what has happened here at Prevail. 

In 2020:

  • In February, we experienced one of our best-ever City vs. County Bowling Events! In the 20th year for this event, we surpassed the $500,000 mark for total fundraising over the life of the event!
  • Then, we learned about the Coronavirus! The team at Prevail created and implemented plans for safety during a worldwide pandemic.
  • Throughout the year, Prevail continued to provide high-quality, trauma-informed services for victims of crime and abuse. It looked different, depending on the circumstances, but with adjustments, there were no pauses in services.
  • Prevail celebrated many of our community partners! I can’t say it enough, this work doesn’t happen without generous community support – and we appreciate it!!
  • We adjusted plans for every fundraiser supporting our services. While this made things look different, this was ultimately supported by the community.
  • Prevail received generous community grant support to implement COVID-19 protocols including acquiring technology to support tele-advocacy, as well as expanding our waiting room to allow for social distancing.
  • With federal grant support, Prevail increased the size of our team to ensure staffing to meet the needs in the community.
  • Following best practices from around the country, Prevail created our first Mobile Advocate position to meet clients where they are in ways that they identify as safe and convenient for them.
  • In an effort to meet the need for housing for victims of crime and abuse, Prevail created a Housing Solutions Plan and launched Hotel Voucher and Rapid Rehousing programs to begin to fill this demand.
  • Sadly, we said goodbye to Odle – our faithful facility dog and friend. His impact is evident in our lives and in many of the clients he interacted with.

At this time, not only am I reflecting on what happened this year, but also looking forward to what is next.  We have exciting things planned for the coming year!


In 2021:

  • Prevail will be celebrating our 35th Anniversary! For 35 years, Prevail has been advocating for victims of crime and abuse. This year we will celebrate our history and peek into the future!
  • Over the past year, Prevail’s Board of Directors has been working on a new strategic plan, including updated values. This will launch in January as we enlist the community to support the plan.
  • Prevail will continue to work toward full implementation of the Housing Solutions Plan – filling in emergency, transitional, and flex funding gaps. We look forward to a comprehensive continuum meeting the needs of survivors in safe and creative ways!
  • Our Mobile Advocacy program will be reaching out to partners to host services. Ideally, Prevail’s services will be available to those who need them where they are; rather than expecting survivors to come to us.
  • To implement all of these plans, Prevail will continue to be creative in how services are funded. We will certainly count on our community to support this work!
  • As a vaccine is deployed and we look for COVID-19’s influence to diminish, we can’t wait to re-engage in-person events to connect the community with our mission!

I can’t end without a tremendous shout out to the Prevail team.  They are a passionate, dedicated, talented team of professionals who do this hard work every day.  It is an honor to walk alongside them.  As always, it is a privilege to do this work.  And, I am sincerely thankful for the trust that you have placed in us to do it. 

Wishing all a very happy new year!

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