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Ways to Give on Giving Tuesday

Oh, Hey! It’s #GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday started in 2012 and has since become a day for everyone to Give Together. Not-for-Profits (NFPs) around the world have grown to count on the generosity from today specifically. But, your “gift” does not have to be only financial (although, a lot of the time this is the most beneficial). Below are some of the favorite ways to give on #GivingTueday and beyond!


Giving a gift of funds to an organization allows them to use that money wherever they need it most. Government, State, and Local Grant dollars are a lot of times “restricted funds” or dollars that can only be used for very specific programs within a NFP organization.

Ways to connect with Prevail and other great information:

  • Prevail’s 2020 Winter Appeal is out and is our largest mailing ask to the community. Consider helping us reach our goal and learn more about the 2020 Highlights here. 
  • Read this great article on “How to Be Smart About Your Giving”. 
  • To learn more about monetary and planned gifts to Prevail visit Our Supporters tab above.


Another great way to give is by donating materials the agency would otherwise have to purchase themselves. Most of the time, this is through a “Wish List”. The vast majority of agencies will have a Wish List on hand or have one available through Amazon. You could also consider hosting a “Collection Drive” to have your family, friends, neighbors, social or civic groups get involved! This also helps spread awareness about a NFP’s mission, which could increase the amount of community members getting involved, JUST LIKE YOU!

Prevail’s Wish List and Collection Drive information is available here


Spreading the word about an agency is the simplest, but largely most overlooked way to help out your favorite NFP! This can be as simple as sharing social media posts, videos from YouTube, information about upcoming events, or volunteer opportunities. Talking to someone about an agency’s mission is massively important. YOU could be educating those around you about the services available to them, without even knowing it! YOU may also engage a lifelong supporter for that agency. A little share has a HUGE impact.

Ways to spread the word about Prevail:

  • Prevail is always willing to help our community engage those around them! We have free materials available to anyone that may need them , such as our Agency Brochure, Safety Planning Resource Cards, and many other materials.
  • Prevail is also open for a tour of the agency or a presentation to your social or civic group to learn more about the programs and services offered FREE of charge to those who need them. Contact Natasha Robinson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (317) 773-6942) to schedule a tour or for more information.

No interaction is small. Each of our fellow NFPs appreciate the support that is shown from the community that surrounds them. So today, and year round…we’d like to encourage you to engage with your favorite and local NFPs in a way that calls to you the most! You really never know the lives you’ll touch or the impact you’ll have!


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