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Community Collaboration

This blog post was planned a few months ago – before any of us had even heard of Coronavirus or COVID-19.  Although the idea was pitched before social distancing was a thing, it is more relevant now than ever:  Our community of local nonprofits works together.   It is a pleasure to collaborate with such passionate entities who work so well together to meet the needs of the community we all serve.  So many of us not only give lip service to collaboration by cross-referring; we actually accomplish really important things for the community because we are at the table together, invest our resources together, and do good together.  At Prevail, we have had the privilege of working with (among others):

  • HAND on an affordable housing project for people who have experienced family violence
  • Shepherd’s Center and Janus on the Our Community Reads project
  • Cherish as victim advocates during their forensic interviews
  • Indiana Center for the Prevention of Youth Abuse and Suicide on QPR and Stewards of Children Training
  • Good Samaritan Network on service projects and volunteer needs
  • Student Impact on Developmental Assets training
  • Nickel Plate Arts on presenting The Vagina Monologues

These are just a few examples of the many partnerships that benefit the community.  These partnerships are maintained and enhanced by meeting together as the Good Samaritan Network and in groups like the Hamilton County Executive Directors group.  These interactions keep us in touch with needs in the community and help us to avoid any duplication of services.  This makes us efficient and effective.  Now, more than ever, we need to be efficient and effective.  Our community needs this infrastructure of nonprofits that exists to fill in the gaps and ensure all people have access to all the benefits that Hamilton County has to offer.   As we work together, we have the opportunity to learn from each other and develop better solutions to the problems we face. 

As the nonprofit community works together, one of our most important partners is you – the actual community.  None of us do this work without the philanthropists that support us.  The Lilly Family School of Philanthropy defines philanthropy as any voluntary action for the public good.  So, as we highlight all the efforts that the nonprofit community is putting into collaboration, we invite you into the fold.  Please look for the opportunities available for you to do some voluntary action for the public good.  Prevail, like any nonprofit in the community, has plenty of opportunity for you to offer your time, talent, treasure, and testimony to benefit the community. 

We are truly better together. 

- Susan

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